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Portable Sewing Kit(1 SET)

$25.99 USD $17.99 USD -31%
14 Colors
48 Colors


  • PERFECT SEWING KIT -- The kit contains all the necessary tools that are required for performing basic repairs - be it a needle, threads, scissors, buttons, thimble, threader tools, seam ripper and all sewing tools, everything neatly packaged ready for your use.
  • EASY TO USE -- Items won't fall out when you open the case, needles in a separate closed box for safety, and other items securely tucked in place with attractive black elastic bands. A kit that in a true sense makes your life easier.
  • SMART AND COMPACT - Compact design making it convenient to carry in style anywhere you travel. With this kit in your bag, you will never have to find a tailor for the basic repairs, be more self-sufficient and take care of small repairs yourself.
  • A USEFUL GIFT - The sewing kit is an amazing gift for a frequent traveler, mother, grandmother, a backpacker, little girls! The kit is equally good for use by both men and women and is definitely something that people would love to use.


  • Materials: Wool + metal.
  • Weight: 14 Colors 105g.
                  48 Colors 280g.


    • 1 X Portable Sewing Kit